Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management Standard: Changzhou Qinglong Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (40-time polyethylene foam plastic plate material)
This standard provides the regulation on products variety, technical requirement, testing method, inspection rule as well as the mark, package, transport and storage of 40-time polyethylene foam plastic plate material. Only the plate materials made of low-density polyethylene resin, organic foaming agent and other auxiliaries with the die stamping
two-step method is suitable for this standard.
Quoting standard
Clauses included by the standard below make up of standard clauses by being quoted in this criterion. Presented editions are all valid when this criterion is published. They will be revised and the possibility of using the latest edition of the following criterion will be discussed.
GB/T2406-1993 Testing method for plastic combustion property and oxygen index GB2918-1982 Standard environment of plastic sample state adjustment and test
GB/T3399-1982 Testing method for plastic thermal conductivity by means of the guarded hot plate
GB4303-1984 Marine type life jacket
GB/T6343-1995 Apparent density of foam plastic and rubber
GB/T6344-1996 Mensuration for tensile strength and breaking elongation of soft foam polymer
GB/T8813-1988 Compression testing method of hard foam plastic
QB/T1130-1991 Testing method for plastic right-angle property
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